Integrated Energy Therapy - Vicki Frederiksen - Master Instructor Integrated Energy Therapy - Vicki Frederiksen - Master Instructor

Everything that we see, touch, hear, feel, and think is made up of energy. Being comprised of energy, everything has a unique vibrational pattern or quality. Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) is the most powerful method that I know of to effectively shift energy patterns in our human energy field and release dysfunctions, issues, and behavior mechanisms for good.

Beyond language, beyond logic, IET works!

During our day-to-day life we have experiences that can get locked into our cellular memory. Sadness, frustration, powerlessness, fear, and any emotion or thought imaginable can become stuck in our energy field and create a block. These blocks can quickly affect the quality of our lives and our ability to see ourselves as we really are. Blocks often prevent us from knowing or experiencing the truth about ourselves and the truth about the world that we live in. Negative thinking is an example of an energy block that can keep us in the dark believing that we are bad or wrong in some way. The truth is that each of us is inherently good, loving, and brilliant!

Welcome to the Light!

As a certified IET Master Instructor, I am able to work with your energy body to remove blocks and rebalance your energy system back to its natural state of ease, trust, happiness, and freedom.

IET does NOT simply treat symptoms. IET works at the deepest level where the cause of issues/dysfunctions are rooted actually restructuring your DNA! IET is a method of ABSOLUTE integrity that is ALWAYS client paced and working for the highest good of all.

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