Integrated Energy Therapy - Vicki Frederiksen - Master Instructor Integrated Energy Therapy - Vicki Frederiksen - Master Instructor

“Amazing!! A totally relaxing and refreshing experience that gave me immediate gratification and guidance into a better life. Vicki is wonderful at adding spiritual clarity to your life. I recommend it to everyone!”
- K.H. Studio City

“Vicki’s amazing insights, coupled with the therapeutic knowledge you would only expect from a highly skilled therapist, have led me to incredible breakthroughs on so many of my core issues. I’ve made more progress in a few months with Vicki than I had in twenty years of previous therapy working with psychiatrists, psychologists, and every anti-depressant approved by the FDA. I had truly given up hope that there was any therapy left to try that might help me recover emotionally from childhood abuse, post traumatic stress, and life long, treatment resistant depression, but the results I’ve experienced with Vicki have been astonishing.”
-L.P. Los Angeles

“I’m more rested and joyful. I find it so much easier to live in the moment and make appropriate responses and changes according to the situation. I feel much more alive and enjoy that. I also lost TONS of fear and anxiety that I used to bring into every situation.”
- A.H. Los Angeles

“Effective!! I want to do this on a regular basis.”
- V.F. Belmont

“I am a ‘type A’ personality. After my session I was able to deal with a potentially stressful situation in a positive way instead of escalating the stress (which I would have normally been prone to do). Not only did I have the confidence and desire to deal with the situation constructively, I was able to put it behind me and move on—which I have never been able to do in the past. For once, I felt I could control my stress level rather than it consuming me.”
- K.G. Belmont
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